Business Success in Southport - Not Just SEO!

If you run a business in Southport, or anywhere across the UK, finding success is often difficult. You're competing with all of the other companies in your area, along with companies who are looking to break in to your market.

Not only that, you've got new companies popping up all of the time.

Finding solutions to be successful are often challenging. And most "SEO" companies point you in the direction of your website alone saying this is the "key" to being the best.

You're probably thinking, that's an odd comment from a company trying to sell SEO.

But this where I differ from other, single platform marketing companies.

I have been running companies online for the best part of 15 years now. I understand that finding success is reliant on many different skills.

So what does a Southport SEO company offer?

For most SEO companies, they'll offer you a "wide" range of skills including:

  • On-site SEO (where changes to your current website are made to help focus the business on particular keywords and phrases). There are many different ways in which a marketing agency will do this.
  • Off-site SEO (such as backlinking).
  • GMB (Goole My Business) management - helping your business get found in the local search.
  • Social Media Promotion (think Facebook, Twitter & Instagram)

However, this is where most SEO businesses stop. OK, don't get me wrong - this alone will have a massive impact on many businesses who, on the whole, have never done any marketing (or very limited marketing).

So why is Dream Web Design different?

Simple. Where most companies look at one thing - visitor counts and CTR (click through rates), which they consider the most important metric, I take a very different approach.

The most important aspect of any marketing strategy is the impact it has on your bottom line. You could have massive visitor counts and a high CTR, but if these are not turning into sales and customer wins, what's the point?

So what do you do to help us win more business?

Each business is different. And there are a lot more things beyond standard SEO offerings that can help win your business new customers.

During the recent Black Friday promotions, Dream helped one of it's customers grow it's daily sales from between 2 - 3 orders to around 40 orders across four days.

"I think it was a massive success! Thanks for your efforts! Have never had that many orders in a single day, my phone was ringing all day!"

Companies sometimes forget about things that they are doing naturally and not using that data they are collecting.

I try to leverage the data that a business already has to help them grow, whilst also offering a wide range of other techniques, and not just focus on SEO.

To find out how I can help your business succeed in 2020, why not give me a call today on 07968 129060 or email me at

Owen Lea-Porter

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