SEO / Digital Marketing in Southport - How Much Can you Expect To Pay?

Do you run a business in Southport and looking to increase your visitor count to your website, but wondering how much it will cost?

It's the #1 question we get asked here at Dream Web Design.

Unfortunately, it's not a straight-forward answer. But at least we can give you some ideas on the things that will impact the cost.

Read our blog post below to find out more, and how we can help you improve your Search Engine Rankings cost effectively.


Managing your Search Engine expectations for SEO in Southport...

Let's start off with a quick example!

I was recently contacted by a local business outside of the Southport area.

"Hi, I'm interested. I got my own website but I now need it to be on google first page when people search. Is it something you can do and how much do you charge?"

The website they had was a three page website, and was two days old... and to top that all off, it was self-built on Wix (but more on that later).

The location they were in, when typing in to Google "[niche] [city]" had over 3.7 million search results.

Now, don't get me wrong. Getting any business to the #1 on the SERPs is possible. But, ultimately, it comes down to expectations based on what customers are willing to spend.

More often than not, when I question business owners their expectation runs along the lines "I have a £200 budget and want to be #1 on Google. When can you make that happen?"

Running a SEO campaign is about trying to be realistic with customers. Look, if you have £200 (total) and you're a brand new business, then SEO is not the plan for you.

SEO is a long term strategy to add value to your website which, over time, will continue to bring visitors to your business.

And there is no point in us saying to you "to be #1 on Google next month is going to cost you £30,000" (for example). (a) it's not a realistic budget and (b) in reality, even spending that sort of money will be unlikely to get you to #1 for the keywords and search terms that matter. The ones that drive traffic.

Beware the trap of SEO companies promises!

Have you ever spoken to a company who promises #1 positions in three months for £200 a month (for example)?

It's certainly possible.

But the question is, #1 positions for what?

The key here is that you need to know what people are searching for. There is no point in being #1 for keywords that generate no searches.


And this where some unscrupulous agencies will try to con you.

"We've identified a bank of 20 keywords or terms what we can get you to rank #1 in no time at all."

So, three months down the line, you're seeing no increase in visitors and customers, even though they are showing you ranked #1 for those keywords.

Why? Because those terms are ones that no-one is searching for. And because your SEO agency has focused their efforts on ranking you for those and not the ones that people ARE using to search, it's why you're not getting any more visitors.

So what should I look for in a Southport SEO agency?

Someone who is honest and transparent. A good SEO company will never make any promises which they know are not achievable. If you ring a company and they quote you a price straight off the bat over the phone, chances are they have a strategy which they roll out to everyone without understanding your industry, your location and your competition.

A good SEO will work with a company based on their available budget and be honest with them regarding what they will likely be able to expect based on that budget.

Ask them for real world examples of their work. A good SEO company won't be afraid to show examples of their work, how well they are ranking other businesses and the sort of budget that they are working with for that company.

Look for a agency that offers a multi-platform strategy. Let's get one thing straight - if you're in a crowded marketplace, getting #1 rankings may not be the one and only way to generate more visitors to your business. Building a campaign is more than rankings, it's about getting your business in front of consumers who are actively looking for your product or service - and that may mean not necessarily purely on search engines alone. So, they may offer Social Media, Local Business, Blogs and other off-site activity.

The key here is that, ultimately, you're looking for an increase in business. Where that increase comes from is pretty much irrelevant. What isn't irrelevant however is that whatever work the agency is carrying out should last long beyond the work is done.


Forget "how much will SEO in Southport cost"...

Start shifting your thinking to "how much can I afford".

If your budget is £200 a month, then that's how much it will cost. Not to get to #1, well, not immediately. But certainly to start adding value to your marketing strategy, to start fixing those issues on your site currently affecting your rankings, building up and growing your website presence and your business visibility off the back of the website alone.

Working with a good SEO agency like ourselves will help your business grow within your budget - taking the pressure off as you start seeing a growth in the amount of times the phone is ringing, email enquiries you receive in your inbox, or products your site is selling.

A real world example...

I've been working with a company in Bristol who provide dental products.

The business was founded in March 2019, and they approached me in May to discuss what I could do for them. This is a new business, and therefore their budget was marketing was low. We agreed upon a strategy and a small budget.


The chart above shows their impressions and clicks since when we started our campaign (the red line). Even on a small budget, we've seen a steady increase the amount of impressions that they have been receiving, as well as the amount of clicks they are getting on those impressions.

The business had been running Instagram campaigns to try to start getting interest in their products. It was working, but at a cost... due to the increase in their search content because of the work we are doing for them, the business has since stopped their advertising on IG in August, finding that they are now getting more orders as more consumers are finding their products that they offer.

Our continuing campaign is allowing the business to grow organically and in a manageable, sustainable rate - which is what one of their major requirements were.

How can I help YOUR business grow using SEO in Southport?

I have been designing websites for businesses for over 20 years. What I didn't realise until a few years ago was that I was using SEO strategies even then that are common place in the industry today.

I am happy to work with any customer, in whatever niche you are in, within a budget that you can afford.

I'll be honest with you regarding your expectations and what you can expect with the budget you have and the marketplace you are in.

To find our more about how I can help with your SEO campaign, why not give me a call today on 07968 129060 or message me using our contact page.

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