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SEO and Digital Marketing for Preston Small Businesses

Are you struggling to compete with your competition? Getting ranked higher on the search engines is a challenge for small businesses, but at Dream Web Design we offer a range of SEO and Digital Marketing Services for Lancashire and Preston businesses on a budget. 

With over 63,000 searches per second occurring on Google, getting ranked and getting found on the search engines is now more important than ever. 

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Using SEO and Digital Marketing in Preston to grow your business

If you've got a website, sometimes it's hard to be found when you've got a lot of competition, especially ones that have been in business longer and ones that are bigger than you.

It's hard to stand out, right?

The issue for most small businesses is that you're so focused on doing what you're good at and running your business, that actually trying to market the business and win more customers takes a back seat. Its not that you don't understand how important it is, it's that you don't have the actual time to do it.

Dream Web Design offer a range of solutions aimed exclusively at small business, centred around local business generation. We also offer website design, website hosting and ecommerce solutions, not only for Preston but across the UK.

What is SEO?

SEO, or search engine optimisation is the term used to help rank your website higher on the search engines. Usually, this is split into two elements - onsite and offsite SEO.

What is onsite SEO?

Onsite SEO is about making changes to your actual website to help improve the way the search engines interpret the data that's on there. Search engines will periodically visit websites and review the content that's on there and re-rank sites based on the content they find.

However, it's not just the actual text on screen that they look at. There are many other factors they review, including images, meta content and links to name a few.

Ultimately they are looking for relevancy. Improving the relevancy of the content across the factors that the search engines use will help them understand what concept you are trying to explain to the customer, which will in turn benefit your business.

What is offsite SEO?

Offsite SEO is about doing things offsite to drive your visitors to your website. Also known as "backlinks", it's about building out trust in your website. How can you do this? Well, for example if a customer has reviewed your product or service on a blog, ask them to put a link to your site on the review. Or you could use forums to find customers who need assistance and offering to help.

Other offsite things you can do include:

  • Guest blogging on a specialist blog
  • Set up YouTube videos demonstrating the skills you have
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Influencer marketing (where you ask someone prominent on a media platform to review your product / service in the hope they share it with their followers)


Your business website is the first thing that people find when searching online, let them know you're ready for business with a truly responsive custom website design that grabs their interest and turns them into customers from visitors.


Having a great reputation is important. Not only for your customers sake, but also for the search engines. Google is looking at business reviews as one of their metrics now, so ensuring you have great feedback is absolutely essential.


Time is money. If you're not doing the job you're good at, you're not earning. Let us focus on your digital marketing and SEO to get you more business. You spend that time getting the work done and reaping the rewards. Simple, managed solutions.

How long does all this take?


Like most things in life, the more money you have the faster the return. Correctly planned and thought out SEO can sometimes take 4 - 6 months to see any tangible results. Faster results can be seen on a bigger budget as you are getting more content out onto the internet, meaning the search engines find it quicker.

What can we expect from a SEO Agency?

Transparency. A good SEO agency will tell you what they have been doing so you can check out the work yourself. They'll keep an eye on the thinks you're ranking well for, and if the focus is on them, either promote that (as you've got a successful campaign), or if they feel your ranking as higher as you can get, they'll move on to the weaker keywords.

It's in their best interest to bring you more visitors and convert them to customers, as the more customers you get, the more chance there is that they keep you as a client. And maybe even increase their budget if they see what you're doing is working!

Our advice - be patient...

Some companies fail with SEO as they are expecting a result in weeks if not days. Unfortunately SEO doesn't work that way. SEO is organic growth - it takes time to cultivate but the rewards far outweigh that of paid advertising. The benefit of SEO can be seen long after you've got where you need to be. At that time it's about maintaining position.

When should we end our campaign?

SEO never ends. Just because you rank high today doesn't mean you should stop. Because your competition may have seen how well your ranking, and then top up their SEO campaign to overtake you!

There are always more things you can do to enhance your SEO strategy - and it may mean that, at some point, you can scale back on your spend. But SEO should be at the heart of your business marketing online. Stopping won't kill your business - far from it. All of that work you've done to get where you are will remain. But your competition are always going to be out there.

Want to find out more about how we can help with your SEO requirements in Preston?

No problem! Just give us a call today on 07968 129060 or contact us via any of our contact forms. We'd love the opportunity to advise what we can offer your business, and we're sure we can have a positive on your business, helping you grow and win more customers!

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