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Let's cut to the chase.

You're here because you have a business in Southport and want to find new customers. Who doesn't?

It's a challenge. Historically, you had two options - either you use paid advertising options (traditional print media, paid advertisers on Social Media and search engines) or you employed a full time marketing person.

Paid advertising only has a short life span - either until the newspaper or magazine is thrown away or until the budget runs out.

Employing a marketing person is a huge overhead, and unless you know their previous work could also be an unknown quantity. 

But chances are you already have the third option, but you're not using it to it's fullest potential - your website

Here's some stats for you to ponder:

  • 90% of all searches for products start online
  • Of that 90%, 70% of those searches click on the organic (non-paid) listings
  • 33% of those clicks are position #1
  • And the top 3 positions take over 60% of the total traffic
SEO Southport

The importance of SEO for your business

Amazing statistics, right? Let's look at Google specifically. 

Google, on an average day, handles 63,000 searches per second, coupled with a 92% market share (May 2019)

Just think about how many people, potential customers, could be searching for your product right now as you're reading this. 

If you're not in those key positions you'll be losing customers to your competition. Customers who may not even know you exist.

It's time to start reviewing your marketing strategy - and we can help. We're helping customers just like you succeed online with planned campaigns to bring continued visitors to their websites. Want to join them?

Let's have a chat over a coffee about your website. We want to help your business succeed in Southport. Why not either complete the form below and give us a call on 07968 129060?

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Affordable Local SEO Southport Services

We understand the demands on small business. Price is often a deciding factor. Go to one of the big agencies and you'll pay a premium for their services.

At Dream we understand how to optimise a business to stand out on local search. We focus on the key factors which will help rank your site quickly for your budget.

We also understand Southport and how to implement SEO Services in Merseyside and the local environment, which is often a key factor when planning a campaign.

Each business is different which is why we like to discuss our proposed strategy with you and agree on a budget for the planned work.

How we approach Local SEO

We take a very strategic approach to local SEO.

Our Campaign Approach

Keyword Research

With any campaign, we start by reviewing the keywords that we need to focus on

Competitor Analysis

We review your local competition and how they rank for competitive keywords

Design or Website Audit

We'll then audit your current site and make changes, or if a new site we'll build

Keyword Monitoring

We'll monitor the keywords we're focusing on make changes where necessary

Local Search Results

We'll then start building out your local search through citations and GMB

Continued Content Build

We'll then build a strategy to create additional, relevant content to get your site found

Keyword Research & Competitor Analysis

We first review your product or service and your local competitors. Often, reviewing what your competition are doing and why they are successful on the search engines gives you the best idea on how you should approach your campaign.

We take a look at their onsite SEO - i.e. how strong they are for the keywords we've research and what steps they have taken to get there. Is their site being updated regularly? How much content are they creating?

We then take a look at their offsite SEO - are they building backlinks to their site? Are they active on Social Media? Have they created listings in directory services and a GMB account?

Finally we look at other keywords which other companies may not be focusing on as highly but are still generating traffic and are relevant. Getting companies ranked for these "low hanging fruit" can often give a business an immediate impact for low competitive keywords.

A big part of our keyword research is of course, you. There may be specific keywords you want to rank for, and in most cases your understanding of your industry will be far better than ours.

Site Audit & Implementation

The next step is to perform a full audit on your website and then make changes to the onsite content. Onsite changes are the signals that when Google indexes your site this is the content we want them to find and your website become ranked for.

Getting the website right before driving traffic to it from offsite sources is essential so that, when visitors actually visit your site we keep them engaged with interesting content and because the keyword they searched for has led them to your site.

I often compare SEO to building a house. Your website is the "strong foundations" which the rest of the house is built upon. If those foundations are not strong, the rest of the house will collapse and fail.

We take time to focus on this, and ensure that after this stage has been completed, we continue to monitor and ensure those foundations are maintained.

Offsite Strategies

Once your onsite strategy is complete, we then focus on bringing visitors to your website from offsite sources.

We have a range of tactics which we employ here, all focused on bringing visitors to your website who are interested in your product or service.

Obviously, not every medium is applicable to every industry. So we look at each media platform we use before embarking on any work to ensure that we're making best use of our time and your money. We want you to succeed!

Performance Monitoring

Unfortunately, there is no "silver bullet" with SEO. A lot can depend on what your competition are doing at the same time. Therefore we monitor keyword positioning regularly so that we can see where the campaign is strong and where it is lacking, and we can be dynamic and responsive to monthly campaigns if we feel that additional work is required in specific areas.

Video - the future of marketing

One strategy we employ is the use of videos. Don't worry, we're not asking you to be actors here! But video marketing is on the increase with Google now showing their own YouTube videos in the search results for relevant content.

Nothing conveys a message or a product than being able to see that product in action and listen to what it can do.

Social Media - be social

Search engine algorithms take social signals as an important metric. Are you engaging with your customers? Are you offering advice and listening to their comments?

There is a huge variety of social media sites which can be used - don't just think Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Using these social sites can be a big advantage and drive traffic to your site.

Other Services We Provide


Your business website is the first thing that people find when searching online, let them know you're ready for business with a truly responsive custom website design that grabs their interest and turns them into customers from visitors.


If you've got a great product or service, why limit it to your local area? With an ecommerce site, you could be selling to customers all across the globe, expanding your product reach and potentially expanding your client base to the world!


Having your website hosted in the UK on superfast SSD servers will not only improve your user experience but also boost your chances of ranking higher on the search engines. Move to Dream Web Design to supercharge your website performance!

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