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Searching For Website Design Standish? Look No Further...

Based in Churchtown, Dream Web Design offer Lancashire website design for Standish. Whether you already have an existing website, or perhaps a website that's in need of a refresh, we can help bring your dream website to reality.

And we've been helping customers just like you get online with modern, mobile responsive website design in Standish and across the UK for over 10 years.

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Why is good website design essential?

People form an opinion quicker than you think!

So a visitor clicks the link from the search engine to visit your site. How long do you think it takes them to form an opinion and decide whether to stay or leave? 10 seconds? 5 seconds? 2 seconds even? Wrong! A user will make a choice on your website with 50 milliseconds! That's 0.05 of a second! That's why your website has to be visually appealing. Grab their attention immediately and get them to stay on the site.

You're fighting against every other site on the web

Sure, there are many factors behind why a consumer will choose one companies product or service over another. But FIRST IMPRESSIONS COUNT! If they get to your site, decide immediately that you're not the one for them and then leave, you're out of the game.

The website has to provide the hook to catch the visitor. Once you've grabbed them, it's about keeping them.

Visually stunning, but no visitors?

Long gone are the days when you could build a website, get indexed, get ranked and be #1. Google's search algorithm contains over 200 signals that they use to find content with the highest level of relevancy.

Part of that algorithm is related to user experience. Metrics such as bounce rate (i.e. whether a user clicks on and then immediately leaves your site) and click through rate are essential pointers to Goole whether users are finding your content relevant. But these decisions all start with the website design. Get it wrong and your metrics will reduce. Your site relevancy (in Google's eyes) is lower, and your site will rank lower.

So what does Good Website Design involve?

Understanding that looks alone are no longer the only factor

The website design itself is the hook. Get their attention by offering a stunning website which hits the customer as soon as they click.

When they are on the site you then have to keep them there. There are some easy wins to be had here:

  • Videos - having videos on your website builds trust with the customer. It improves the Dwell Time of your site (i.e. how long people spend on it before leaving). Consumers love being given great information. This is why YouTube is such a phenomenon. Post some simple videos and embed them on your site.
  • Images - images are the essential representation of a product or a service. Giving consumers images of your product or service, especially clean and clear images is a great way to to instil confidence and trust.
  • Content - Content Is King! Adding content on to your page, blog / news posts regarding jobs and industry news etc all help give the consumer the confidence that you are active and knowledgeable. It also helps you to blend in keywords which is essential for being found in the first place!
  • Mobile Responsive - Google state that more than 50% of all searches are now done on a mobile device. Therefore, when a visitor finds you on mobile, your site should now be responsive to work on that device. With this figure increasing year on year, Google now rank mobile and desktop search differently, therefore having a mobile responsive site is essential.

Trusting the process

Working with a web design company is about trust. A good web design company will sit down and discuss your requirements with you, and work within the budget you have. They'll explain what can be achieved with your budget, and how to add value to your site after the go-live date. More importantly, they'll understand what it is you do, and therefore what it is that they'll need from you to make your site work.

Put yourself in your customers position!

How often have you visited a site and left it as you've either not been impressed with the design, the content or feel that you just can't trust them? Now put yourself in your customers shoes and think about what they would expect from your site. Working with your web designer is key to getting a website that works!


Getting found on the search engines is make or break for your website. Without driving traffic to your website means that you'll get few visitors and therefore limited customers. We can help by optimising your site and building monthly campaigns.


Having a great reputation is important. Not only for your customers sake, but also for the search engines. Google is looking at business reviews as one of their metrics now, so ensuring you have great feedback is absolutely essential.


Time is money. If you're not doing the job you're good at, you're not earning. Let us focus on your digital marketing and SEO to get you more business. You spend that time getting the work done and reaping the rewards. Simple, managed solutions.

But good website design is expensive, right?

It doesn't have to be!

Employing a "high street" or "big office" agency can be expensive. They've got big overheads and therefore this is reflected in the prices that they provide. Four or five figure quotes for websites is not unheard of, and for most small / medium businesses they simply don't have this level of investment.

At Dream Web Design, we don't have those level of overheads. We can provide business websites from as little as £99 for a simple one page design. All of our websites are custom built and therefore the prices reflect your requirements.

But I can go and build a site myself, right?

Sure! And many people do. However, after a few months of wondering why they are not getting visitors, calls or sales, most realise that employing a dedicated web designer in Southport with relevant design experience brings huge benefit to their business.

What you should be focusing on is what you're good at. Don't let your business down by spreading yourself too thin. Contract work out when you don't have the skills to do something.

Should I be paying a monthly fee?

Good question. It depends what for.

If your current provider is charging a monthly fee for purely "hosting", then this soon adds up. We provide website hosting for £50 per year.

If they are charging you a monthly fee for "marketing services", ask them what you're getting for that... it's a term that's often used for SEO but unless they are providing some concrete evidence of work, then all they may be doing is submitting your site to directory services on a monthly basis! Dream Web Design offer dedicated digital marketing campaigns focused on bringing more traffic to your website.

How do we get to work then?

Easy! Contact us today to find out how we can help YOUR business online with stunning mobile responsive web design abd rank higher on the search engines to win more business. We cover all of the UK, but are based in Southport. We're only a phone call (or email) away.

We want your business to succeed and we're dedicated to offering the very highest levels of customer service and guarantee to pick up the phone when you call us. We've helped businesses just like your's across the UK succeed. Why not improve your chances of success and find out how we can help you!

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