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Modern, Mobile Responsive Website Design for Wign

Having a stunning website no longer needs to be expensive. We understand that small businesses have to work on a budget, so why not contact Dream Web Design today. We offer website design for Wigan businesses from as little as £99 for a single page site.

Don't be run of the (Wigan) mill. Stand out from the crowd and be proud of your website and win more visitors!

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Bespoke, custom Wigan website design

Why having a great website will help you stand out

The human mind is an amazing thing isn't it? The speed that it can operate at is just phenomenal. The issue is it that sometimes it makes a decision far quicker than you realise.

So how long do you think it is before it makes a decision on your website design. If you think it's a few seconds, well, you're a little out. In fact, a user will make a choice on your website with 50 milliseconds! No, that's not a mistype! You'll make a decision within a fraction of a second.

Therefore having "it" is essential.

Slow website response, a site that's not mobile responsive or a one that's outdated and old-fashioned is simply going to turn customers away. With 1.8 billion websites live as of 2018, consumers have so much choice it's frightening.

You're no longer fighting against bricks and mortar, or businesses from the phone book

With so much choice, your customers literally have the world at their finger tips. So how you do you make your Wigan business stand out?

Remember the saying "First Impressions Count"?  It really couldn't be anymore relevant than it is right now. You've got to grab your audience and keep their attention. Having a website which looks great is the first step in getting those visitors to stay on your site... but by no means the last.

I've hooked a visitor... what next?

A visitor has got over their initial decision making. They like your design on your site. Excellent! The next step is keeping them there.

How do you do this? By engaging with the visitor. Remember, at this point they are not a customer - that's where you need them to be. You've got to engage and convert them.

Most visitors will either be on the website for two things - they are looking for information, or they have an intent to do something (i.e. purchase). But why purchase from you and not from your competition?

At this stage you're got to provide content that is relevant to why the customer is there in the first place. Content can come in many forms including:

  • Text - we love to read! The fact that you're reading now should be proof enough of this. Giving the visitor interesting, meaningful script will make your site relevant, keep the visitor on the page and give them confidence that you know what you're talking about.
  • Images - a picture paints a thousand words... if you're selling a product, then providing an image of that product is obviously key to showing the customer what they are buying. Even if you offer a service, such as building services, how about a before and after image?
  • Video - the rise of video sites such as YouTube is evidence of how much we love video. Video also engages people in a different way, and they're likely to watch an entire video from beginning to end if the content is highly relevant.

Remember, all of your content should be high quality and relevant.


Getting found on the search engines is make or break for your website. Without driving traffic to your website means that you'll get few visitors and therefore limited customers. We can help by optimising your site and building monthly campaigns.


Having a great reputation is important. Not only for your customers sake, but also for the search engines. Google is looking at business reviews as one of their metrics now, so ensuring you have great feedback is absolutely essential.


Time is money. If you're not doing the job you're good at, you're not earning. Let us focus on your digital marketing and SEO to get you more business. You spend that time getting the work done and reaping the rewards. Simple, managed solutions.

But doesn't great website design cost a lot of money?

It doesn't have to be!

Most "big office" website designers have offices, rent, a big team of staff to pay for. Here at Dream Web Design we don't. We can also offer a much more personalised service and great customer service (our owner has over 18 years of customer service experience at a corporate level).

We're firm believers that "the customer always comes first". And unlike other agencies, we're always available at the other end of the phone. And although we're based in Southport, we're 30 minutes away in the car - and we're happy to visit any customer!

Our website design, which is completely bespoke to each individual client, start from as little as £99 for a simple, clean single page website. Take a look at a demo site here.

But I can go and design a website myself, right?

Absolutely! And some people do. But the issue is that for really great web design you have to understand many factors, not only what looks good, but how quickly pages load and what the search engines are looking for.

Remember, the website itself is only part of the battle. Getting the visitors there in the first place is a much bigger battle.

We've helped many customers who have their own self-build sites that have struggled to get visitors. Quite often, self-build sites are built on platforms which just do not lend themselves well to ranking.

All of our websites are built on WordPress which powers approximately 30% of all of the worlds websites. And when we build E-commerce sites, we use WooCommerce, which in turn powers 30% of all E-Commerce sites.

Don't get bogged down wondering how and why with your website. Give us a call on 07968 129060 to find out how we can help your business today!

Why do you charge a flat fee and not monthly?

We like to be transparent. We don't charge monthly fees for a website design proposal alone as, once the site is built our involvement comes to an end.

However... should you want us to help you promote your website with SEO services either locally in Wigan or across the UK, then we do offer dedicated SEO services for Wigan.

We also can cater a yearly plan to include your website build and a monthly SEO campaign. We've got plenty of options available to fit any budget and requirement.

To find out more about how we can help your business succeed in Wigan, why not give us a call on 07968 129060 or contact us and we'll get in touch as soon as we can!

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