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Don't let your website performance get you down. Get fast, reliable and secure Website Hosting in Southport

Having a website which loads slowly not only impacts on your search engine rankings, but it also plays a big impact on whether a customer chooses your site. Dream Web Design provide Website Hosting services in Southport and across the UK, using only UK based servers. 

With customers deciding on whether to continue with your website within the first 50ms of opening, website performance is extremely important. Customers want to be able to navigate through your site quickly and with page speeds to match. 

Supercharge your website performance with UK based hosting on ultrafast SSD

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Why is having fast, reliable website hosting in Southport important?

It improves your "user-friendliness"

Ever gone to a website and the page loads slowly? It's annoying right? And how often, when you load a site like that up, do you actually stay on that site and not move to a different one? Chances are you'll go somewhere else.

It's a bit like a restaurant... if you go in, sit down and wait for ages for the waiter to come over, chance are you'll get up and go somewhere else.

If you've got a great website, excellent products and the best prices ever, if a customer moves away from your site without seeing them, you've lost out!

Visitors are more likely to trust a site which loads quickly. They'll also feel feel more comfortable in navigating around, knowing they won't have to wait ages for the pages to load.

It improves your Search Engine ranking score

Search engines like Google and Bing take site speed as a consideration into their algorithm. They rank faster performing sites higher. Therefore using slower, cheaper and older servers to host your site could actually be causing you ranking, and therefore visitors and sales.

The search engines want to provide the customer with the most relevant sites that they can, and ones that have a history of performing well.

It gives confidence to the visitor

A customer that visits a website that loads quickly and looks professional instils confidence. The user is more likely to stay on the website and visit more pages. It also makes them feel that you are a professional business - and therefore more likely for them to purchase from you.

It wins you more business

If you current hosting provider has regular downtime, or offers slow performance, the chances are you're losing sales.

For every minute your site is down because of some issue at the server host, potential customers are not able to visit your site. You're also losing ranking score, and quite probably visitor trust.

Don't leave things like this to chance! Through 2019, our hosting service has provided a 99.9% uptime to customers and ensure that sites are live when visitors are searching for them.

The common myth - fast hosting is expensive

Compare the alternatives

For every minute your site is hosted on a slow performing site, potential customers could move on elsewhere to a difference website or business because they do not have trust in your site. What's the potential damage here? Huge! Your competitors, who do have fast hosting are getting these customers, stealing your business.

As your site ranking drops, you also get less and less visitors because you're further down the search engines.

Ultimately, paying a few pounds more per year for improved hosting should bring that return back many times over.

Having fast hosting may mean that you get that extra one client whose sale pays for the hosting, and many more after that!

What about limits on capacity and bandwidth?

Some companies will charge you extra depending how much bandwidth is being used or how "big" your website is.

At Dream Website Design, we don't! We have a single flat rate for all hosting for all websites for home and small business, regardless of bandwidth requirements.

How easy is it to move my current website?

Website transition should be fairly straightforward, depending on your current website platform and host. We work with customers looking to move their hosting and can work with current hosts to ensure smooth transition.

Can you help me if I have a older website?

Older websites which have plugins that have not been updated, or images that are not optimised can play a big part on website load speed. We can take a look at your current site and offer advice and guidance on improvements, and even carry these out for you.

So how do we make move from our current host?

Simple! Give us a call on 07968 129060 or contact us via email to let us know your current site details and we can discuss the options with you.

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